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EA Responses in the COVID 19 Pandemic

  • 15 Apr 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual Meeting - Online Webinar

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Guest Speakers

Will Alexander MA, LPC-S, CSAT, CEAP, SAP

Bill Langley, CFEd, Financial Wellness Facilitator


With shelter at home orders, emergency declarations, endless less than encouraging news/media feeds and physical distancing, how do Employee Assistance professionals meet the needs of their customers in tactical/penetrating ways?  Difficult times call for innovative solutions to never before seen problems. Employee assistance can add dimensions of mental and emotional healthcare needed that can help employees function more effectively.


Stay at home orders, job and income loss, fears of illness for self/loved ones, isolation, etc. have created a surreal new normal that everyone lives in daily.  I’ll say this again-everyone is affected.  This is not a Katrina, 9-11, or other critical incident that the world has faced in the last 100 years.  It is ongoing, fluid, personal and anxiety is stoked on a near hourly basis by social media/news feeds.


This “new normal” that we find ourselves in, coupled with the issues that individuals and companies face on a daily basis anyway, creates a greater need for EA services in the world than ever before.  But since most EA services have traditionally been rendered in face to face contexts, how do EA professionals respond to the needs of so many in effectively, timely ways?


We will briefly discuss some of the responses and tactics used currently to enhance connection between EA providers and their clients. We will also address the financial stress issues facing clients and provide timely tools and resources for EAP’s.   




Participants will learn of the challenges to EA during the COVID 19 crisis.

Participants will learn about innovative ways to perform CIR in the Pandemic.

Participants will learn how companies have opportunities to enhance their utilization rate for services.  

Participants will realize that this is a golden opportunity for EA to provide effective services and resources in this time of crisis.


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